Kubbel 1921

The first thought is obviously 1.Re6, but it appears to be only a rook blunder. The second thought is to give away the knight somehow and to make a draw by a Ra3-b3 manoeuvre.
The solution is fantastic 1.Nd4!!
It seems to give the black queen time to escape. But where to escape? The board is so small!
The alternative is also beautiful: 1...Qd8 2.Ra3+ Kb6 3.Rb3+ Ka6 4.Ra3+ Kb7 5.Rb3+ Kc8 6.Rb8+! Kxb8 7.Nc6+ with a draw.
2.Ra3+ Kb5 3.Rb3+ Kc4 4.Rc3+ Kd5


The point.
Stalemate! 1/2-1/2