Jul 20, 2010
Study mosaic
Author: VB

Solving endgame studies is an excellent way to improve your imagination, as well as tactical and calculation abilities. However, in my opinion, this statement doesn’t apply to the studies with chaotic pileups of pieces, or if the main idea becomes clear only on the 10th move of the solution. Such studies are suitable for a solving contest rather than for improving practical chess skills.
In this category you will find the studies which impressed me with their beautiful ideas, amazing harmony and interaction of pieces.
As always, the side to move in all positions is White. Please note that I decided not to specify a task; the reason is that in a tournament game you don’t know it. In my opinion, every chess puzzle should imitate a practical game.
If you point your mouse cursor to a position you’ll see a number which shows difficulty level of the position. The highest possible level is 5, which is an IM/GM level. However, it doesn’t mean that you should lose your heart if you are not an IM or GM – everything depends on your imagination, smartness and perseverance!

Petrov, 1958/59 Kubbel, 1921
Hint           Solution Hint          Solution
Zakhodyakin, 1930 Fleck, 1994
Hint           Solution Hint           Solution

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