Apr 27, 2010
Match strategy
Author: admin2

A choice of right match strategy decides a lot. Exactly, there are details which allow to incline the balance to one of the opponent. The third game distinctly shows us the difference between Anand’s and Topalov’s strategies.
The Bulgarian’s match strategy as I guess consists in making every game longer, asking many chess questions over the board the game and getting complicated positions. And when the position starts to be exhausted then he has to search ways to prolong the game. Today’s endgame was not so sharp and complicated but Veselin found sacrificial moves -

18.a5, 20.b4, 21.Bc5.
I think Anand would prefer another ways for White.
Topalov’s style looks sometimes like “raise with any two in poker”, like substitution of a goalkeeper for a forward in hockey… Anyway it is very entertaining.
Meanwhile, Anand is “hiding” and waiting for his chance. Let’s draw attention to the fact that Vishy didn’t choose moves which would have won a pawn for the price of initiative (18…Bb4 and 20….Bxb4). Draw by Black is a good result. And by White, Anand hopes to have slight but long pressure. Especially if he gets a possibility to change queens on move 10…


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