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May 11, 2010
An instructive endgame
Author: admin2

I’d like to offer you an analysis of the endgame which occurred in the 8th game of the match. As we remember, Topalov won it but Anand had good chances for a draw some moves before his resignation. I tried to find out the real evaluation of the endgame and to find the key positions of it. Read More


May 08, 2010
The best from the middle
Author: admin2

We are following a very attractive match! The games are fighting and nervous, unlike in some previous World championships. Aggressive Topalov’s play and the Sofia rule will undoubtedly increase the popularity of chess. In the middle of the match the opponents exchanged blows, having shown their strongest opening weapons. The fourth game could be called “the pearl by the Champion”. Read More


Apr 27, 2010
Match strategy
Author: admin2

A choice of right match strategy decides a lot. Exactly, there are details which allow to incline the balance to one of the opponent. The third game distinctly shows us the difference between Anand’s and Topalov’s strategies. Read More


Apr 26, 2010
Peculiarities of chess styles
Author: admin2

It seems that playing strength of top GM’s also depends on position’s character. Two days ago we saw how Veselin plays in sharp attacking position – the game was played at champion’s level. Read More


Apr 25, 2010
Modern chess
Author: VB

The first note in this blog will be about the World Championship match. A nice starting game with a sacrifice, king chasing and, eventually, a deserved win by Veselin Topalov.

For the most part, a real fight didn’t start yet, and the first victory of Bulgarian grandmaster occurred thanks to his great opening preparation…. Read More